Cultural Co-operation and Projects

Study Tours that incorporate both the academic and management environments provide the participants an invaluable experience outside their own culture. Of a duration between 7 and ten days for students and between three to 5 days for the business professional, the programme encompasses all aspects of Czech life that include the academic, business, and cultural.

The academic incorporates an in-depth review of Czech history and culture and introduces basic Czech language skills. On-site visits to business and industry explore the Czech sense of innovation and entrepreneurialship. Cultural dimensions are provided through the auspices of various ministries and cultural organisations and include in-depth city tours, UNESCO sites, and other areas of prominent and global significance.

The cultural exchange is not limited to academic groups but includes interested professional and institutions. In particular, enterprises who seek to locate employees in the Czech Republic would benefit from this ‘hands-on’ experience.




MacEwan University School of Business (Edmonton, CANADA)


Since 2014, the Faculty of Business Administration and the Centre have enjoyed a cultural exchange between our Canadian colleagues and both our students and faculty members. To coincide with the award of the Honoris Causa title for Professor Henry Mintzberg, MacEwan sponsored the International Management Conference held on 11 and 12 November 2016 with the contemporary theme of Management Challenges – 2017 and Beyond. Likewise, in 2017, the International Conference on Management in the Digital Era was realised through the generous financial contribution of the MacEwan School of Business.

Starting in February 2014 to the present, the Centre and Faculty have hosted the annual MacEwan European academic study tour with presentations on Czech culture, history, business, and management. To expand the value of our agreement, the first faculty exchange took place during the 2017 autumn/winter semester with one participant of the FBA located in Edmonton and a MacEwan member in Prague.

Under the leadership of Dean Professor Dr Wanda Costen negotiations are further underway to strengthen the relationship that will include further faculty and student exchanges, joint research, and Centre collaboration.