New minor specialization “Family Business”

The Department of Strategy and Center for Family Businesses are opening a new minor specialization entitled Family Business. The minor is focused on specifics of family firms, which represent the predominant form of entrepreneurship worldwide.

The minor specialization will bring together academics, family business owners and students to answer, for instance, the following questions:

  • Which family members should be employed in the family firm? Under what financial circumstances?
  • Who should be the manager of a family firm?
  • To what extent should earnings contribute to the standards of living of the family, or to professional and philanthropic ambitions of family members?
  • When and how to “pass the baton” to the next generation?
  • How to write a good family constitution?

Teaching is built upon similar study programs taught at foreign business schools such as ESADE Business School, INSEAD, IMD, Kellogg School of Management or Harvard Business School and, of course, on activities of our Center for Family Businesses.