Basic Information


We use our specific expertise in sustainability management to help organizations and individuals to solve sustainability problems. We also strive to make sustainability a part of the DNA of the Prague University of Economics and Business, as it is common in other most respected business schools around the world.


Sustainable society as standard.


Our attention and activities are focused broadly on the entire process of sustainable production and consumption. We therefore focus on all key parts of the process: from training future managers, through the sphere of management of multinational corporations and large enterprises, SMEs, public administration and local government, to the consumption of organizations and individuals. We have three areas in our focus:

  1. Sustainability management of multinational corporations
  2. Sustainable consumption of organizations and end users
  3. Social aspects of sustainability management

Our view of sustainability management

We understand sustainability as the most urgent current problem whose solution must become an integral part of management thinking, planning, decision-making, leadership, organization and control. At the same time, we realize that research on sustainability management requires a systematic, process based, and transdisciplinary approach.

Our competences

We provide cutting-edge research in areas related to management of sustainable production and consumption. Our expertise is practically applied in cooperation with organizations.

The organizations collaborate with us mainly on solving problems during their transition to more sustainable operations. We help managers analyze organizational structures, functions, processes tied to core business, and together we seek solutions that would become the drivers of sustainability. We help organizations with their own reflection as consumers and the consumer behavior of their clients. The results should be more sustainable products and services.

Our activities are closely linked to the workshop 3MA345 Sustainability Management, where together with students and organizations we carry out pilot surveys of management issues in sustainability. During the workshop we cooperate with organizations such as: IKEA, Skanska, CSOB and with Prague 7.
Our team

Founder and the head:

  • Jaroslav Pašmik, MBA


  • Mgr. Ing. Stanislav Háša, Ph.D.
  • Mgr. Zuzana Chytková, Ph.D.
  • Ing. Marek Vinš, Ph.D.
  • Ing. Jana Müllerová
  • Bc. Matěj Pokorný
  • Štěpán Krb
  • Ing. Markéta Svobodová