Inbound Marketing Masterclass [19 Oct 2020]

The course is conducted by Ing. Jan Mareš who was interviewed by the Institute team as to the points of interest and what the participant may expect.

IM: Jan, given your longstanding experience in the field of online marketing, what advice would you share with small business owners as to the best method to connect with their customers?

The great advantage of Internet marketing is that companies can wait to have customers find them. Using keyword searches on any search engine, businesses are able to prepare relevant content to potentially attract interested consumers. The big advantage is that once the content is created, typically in the form of an article or video, they may reside on the Internet for extended periods of time and attract prospective customers without additional investment.

IM: What are the fundamental changes in on-line marketing that have arisen during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The principles of online marketing as such did not change in principle. However, business models are changing, with more and more companies obliged to process orders using the Internet. So, I believe that sufficient knowledge of on-line marketing tools is more relevant today than before. At the same time, these represent necessary skills in many functions despite the size of the business.

IM: Which platforms do you recommend that focus on the smaller business?

In the case of smaller companies, undoubtedly, marketing, especially with Google. SEO + SEM tactics certainly have a good Return on Investment for the smaller companies. Visually attractive products or services also score well on Instagram. It is important in communication to emphasise the unique benefit for the customer. Today, customers anticipate their on-line experience to be not only convenient but fast and efficient as well.


Thank you for your insights!
Institute of Management Team