New HR academies and long-term courses – from September 2021

Do you know the trends and phenomena that currently move the labour market? Do you know which platforms to search for new talent? Want to know how to attract and get an engaged candidate? Or what are no topics during a job interview?

Have a look at the new FBA academies and long-term courses, which allows you to get current knowledge in the field of modern recruitment, HR management or prepare for communication in difficult situations.

Building Human Powered Organizations in English

7.9. – 12.10. 2021


Crisis communication on social media in English

1.10. – 15.10. 2021


Learning systems Academy

4.10. – 22.11. 2021


Recruitment Academy Certified Sourcer

8.11. – 9.11. 2021


Recruitment Academy Certified Recruiter

8.11. – 9.11. 2021 a 29.11. – 30.11. 2021