The background of Prague University of Economics and Business provides excellent opportunities to involve young people and students in research, both in the role of respondents and as young researchers.


We focus our activities mainly on research of the lifestyle and consumer habits of the young generation.


Young people in the role of mystery shoppers will monitor the sales process, quality of the staff and the range of services offered.

In mystery shopping projects, it is common to compare different branches of a company or to monitor the level of service quality of different brands and companies against each other.

The research can be done by visiting the branch in person, but monitoring the quality of service in the Internet, i.e. monitoring online offers and communication of companies with customers, or the level and competence of telephone communication.

We also have experience in monitoring of chatbots.

Company wants to know how its target groups look like, what the habits of their customers are, what annoys them, what they do for fun. In ethnographic studies, research participants write down, take pictures, record what they do during the day, how they behave in relation to the product under study, how they behave in selected situations.

Increasingly, business managers need to obtain information about the behaviour, lifestyle and consumption habits of the young generation.

Especially in recent years, the world is changing at a rapid pace. Staying up-to-date on how to tailor products and services to young people is essential for business success.


Typical research topics:

  • How young people live
  • How they travel
  • What they buy
  • What topics they follow on social media
  • Which celebrities and influencers are their idols
  • How they approach ecology
  • How they manage waste
  • How they communicate with each other
  • What mobile devices and apps they use

The purpose of the research is to provide managers who are responsible for marketing communication with an insight into the lives and behavior of young people on the social networks.

The survey is conducted on the target group of young people in the Czech Republic aged 15-34 and is representative. We implement 2 waves every year, the outputs are usually available in June and December. We use the same methodology in all waves, we follow trends.

We ask young people what social networks they use, which personalities (influencers) follow, how popular these personalities are.

The results of the research are in a short report for each individual wave, it is possible to supply complete data for each wave.


Samples from research reports:


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