Invitation to the Marketing Research Workshop

The Center for Marketing Research and Market Analysis invites you to a workshop

How to support the company’s growth through marketing research

The workshop is intended for companies that have grown to a certain size, want to develop further or municipalities that have included new social issues such as green solutions, socially responsible development and sustainability in the implementation of their programs, and welcome tips:

  • how to gain the favor of other customers / interest groups / citizens,
  • how to find out what existing customers / interest representatives / citizens think,
  • how to increase market share over your competition.

We will acquaint you with current trends in the field of marketing and marketing research, we will discuss which research tools and techniques can be most useful in the current situation of your companies / workplaces.

New challenges arise these days and adequate marketing approaches need to be applied. Knowledge of motivations, but also concerns to an obstacles and worries of the target group members can save costs and valuable resources in the future.

During our discussion we will also focus on investing in research, focusing on finding the optimal amount so that you do not spend too much or, conversely, do not miss out on interesting recommendations and information.

You will get tips on which research you can easily and effectively carry out on your own and how to do it.

The program is interactive, your specific situation and suggestion are welcomed and we will be happy to discuss your cases with you.

The workshop will take place on 11.5. 2022, 9:00 – 13:00, Prague University of Economics and Business

The participation fee is 1900 CZK (incl. VAT).

Contact us in case of your interest, WS is in Czech language.

The workshop will be led by Radek Tahal with a team of colleagues:

doc. Mgr. Radek Tahal, Ph.D.

He works at the Department of Marketing at the Faculty of Business Administration. He is the guarantor of the field of marketing research and the head of the Center for Marketing Research and Market Analysis. He is engaged in pedagogical activities, the implementation of applied contract research, and has published dozens of professional articles and studies.

Mgr. Tereza Šimečková

Since 2021, she has been the chairman of the board of the Nielsen Admosphere research agency. She graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University. She specializes in media research and measurement, as well as market and public opinion research. She works closely with the Center for Marketing Research at VŠE within the framework of pedagogical and research activities, and acts as a key person in the field of media research at international conferences.

Mgr. et Mgr. Anežka Kunštátová

She works as a Partner in the research and marketing agency G82, s.r.o. She gained experience in the academic sphere as a researcher and professional editor of the Center for Public Opinion Research (AS CR). She focuses on customer segmentation, testing and communication development, especially for companies in the field of telecommunications, retail and FMCG. At G82, she leads syndicated studies on social or lifestyle topics (eg environmental motivations in consumer behavior, pandemic customer and company responses, types of families and parenthood, Generations of Silver Heroes, etc.)

Ondřej Herink

He holds holds the position of UX / Neuro / Insight Manager in agency G82, s.r.o. and is responsible for the use and development of modern research methods. He is a pioneer of eye-tracking in the Czech Republic. He managed the quality departments of various research agencies. He co-founded neuromarketing measurements and approaches at GfK. His work in field of UX Research is helping to optimize the websites and applications of major players in the financial sector. As he says, it’s not enough to just ask to find a true picture of customer thinking and behavior. More about our intuitive behavior (Kahneman’s System 1) reveals our brain, eyes, skin. He lectures these topics at the VŠE and also in other professional conferences.