Influencer monitor – 2nd wave results

The second wave of the Influencer Monitor periodic survey was completed in June 2020. The aim of the research is to monitor the perception of online Influencers by generation of young people. The research provides detailed information on the current popularity of influencers, on the product categories the influencers are associate with, and on the use of various social networks. The study is carried out by the Centre for Marketing Research which operates at Faculty of Business Administration, University of Economics, Prague. This is a representative research survey of the target group of young people aged 15 – 34.
The head of this practically focused research project is associate professor Radek Tahal.

According to the current wave of research, Leoš Mareš, mentioned by every fifth respondent, is the most prominent personality of social networks for young people, within the 15-34 age group, followed by Kovy, Kazma and Nikol Štíbrová (mentioned mainly by girls that would like to see her even more often than before). In a more detailed analysis by age categories, Kovy is the largest idol of the youngest respondents aged 15-19. An interesting is also analysis of the platforms from which personalities are known; while Leoš Mareš is associated exclusively with Instagram, Kovy dominates on Youtube. The research also monitors other parameters associated with the popularity of social networks. For example, Myspace or Flicker networks are used by less than 5% of young people, but at the same time the use of all social networks is constantly growing.