Influencer monitor – 3rd wave results

We completed the third wave of the Influencer Monitor periodic survey, in December 2020. We monitor the perception of personalities of the online world by young generation.

The study is carried out by the Centre for Marketing Research and Market Analysis. This is a representative research survey of the target group of young people aged 15-34. The leader of this practically focused research project is Radek Tahal. The mission of the research, which is carried out twice a year, is to bring information that can be used in the field of marketing communication. The research is a continuation of the previous successful Celebrity Monitor research.

According to the current wave of research, Leoš Mareš is again the most prominent personality of social networks for young people, within the observed age group of 15-34 years, mentioned by every fourth respondent, followed by Kovy, Nikol Štíbrová and Kazma. Women across all ages most often follow influencers on Instagram. The same is true for men aged 27-34. Conversely, aged men 15–26 years, have been watching influencers the mostly in YouTube.
Young politician Dominik Feri can be described as the fast-moving personality of the year. He was mentioned by 12% of respondents, compared to 2-3% in previous waves. He is connected exclusively to the Instagram network. Social networks are proving to be an effective way of involving the young generation in public affairs.