Coworking Symposium 2020

The coworking industry is evolving and developing at an incredible pace. While new coworking facilities are popping up and changing the workplace landscape as we know it, there is a widening gap between scholars and experts from the coworking industry.

Coworking Symposium has been a half-day long online event that brought together some of the key people from the scholarly community and connected them with core expert from the field. Latest data has been shared, discussed and interlaced with recent developmental trends of the coworking industry.

The Coworking Symposium 2020 has been originally scheduled to take place in Prague, the Czech Republic on 27th May 2020 but has been subsequently moved onto an online platform due to the pandemic. The symposium has been financed by the Visegrad Fund and organised by the University of Economics, alongside conference partners.

The symposium recording can be found on the following link: