Publication of a policy & industry report on HR in coworking environments

The head of the centre has just released two new reports that will enhance our understanding of human sourcing techniques in coworking environments. The data has been taken from a study on human talent in coworking spaces. Insights from this study will be especially useful for coworking space managers who will be able to gain insight into the structure of the ecosystem behind the coworking model, as well as the talent sourcing techniques which support that ecosystem. Likewise, policymakers will be able to recognise the importance of having coworking spaces in their local environments, and possibly enact policy mechanisms to support their growth and further development. Finally, potential future users will gain an understanding of the positive impact that using a local coworking space can have on their career development and personal lives.

Both reports can be downloaded on the following link (for versions in multiple languages) or at the bottom of the page:

The research as well as the production of reports has been financed by a VisegradFund financing scheme.