Ethical challenges of digitalization

Dr. Dušan Kučera: Chapter 3, pp. 35-60

Challenges for Responsible Management Education During Digital Transformation – in the book:

Humanism in Business Series
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  • Teaching experience teaching online in the time of Covid
  • The optimism of modern science tied to technological progress
  • Loss of the universality of science, its separation from the vertical dimension, concentration on horizontal phenomena
  • Modern fragmentation of science and specialization in technology with consequences
  • The gaps of anthropological understanding of Artificial Intelligence
  • Overlooking other kinds of human intelligence
  • Ignoring Maslow’s latest version of the pyramid of needs (Pick experience)
  • Uncritical faith in human reason, the limits of rationalism, empiricism and romanticism
  • Exaggerated expectations from summarizing algorithms
  • Ethical consequences of digitization – human, social, global, possibilities of abuse