Sustainability Management in the light of QUANTUM PHYSICS

Conference 2023, University Maribor

Kučera, D.: Sustainability management in the light of quantum physics. In: NEDELKO, Zlatko, VIDE, Romana Korez (ed.). 7th FEB International Scientific Conference: Strengthening Resilience by Sustainable Economy and Business – Towards the SDGs [online]. University of Maribor, Faculty for Economics and Business, 16.05.2023. Maribor : University Press Maribor, 2023, s. 497–504. eISBN 978-961-286-736-2. DOI: 10.18690/um.epf.3.2023.55. Dostupné také z:

The topic is in preparation for pubslishing in broader context.


The purpose of the conceptual study focuses on the sustainability management in the light of philosophical, managerial and ethical implications of the basic findings of quantum physics. The methodology follows the current impetus of sustainability as a complex challenge related to economic, environmental and societal crises.

The common denominator for the topic is a contextual perspective and comprehensive solutions in time.

The older concept of CSR, for example, offered a concrete forms for the management of companies and organizations, while the newer concept of PRME and SDGs requires a deeper and broader background that provides better tools for educating of managerial responsibility for younger generation at business schools.

The findings build on the managerial and teaching experience of the author and existing studies summarizing the current challenges of quantum physics in four dimensions: economic, social (anthropological), environmental and long term. In addition, the applications make use of the hitherto almost untapped concept of quantum physics, which formulates several essential philosophical, managerial, and ethical pillars for universal responsibility and sustainable Business and Management.

The limitations of the study are due to the wide range of discussion of quantum physics among physicists themselves, but the implications of the study point to obvious consequences and challenges for sustainability management.