Laboratory and Experimental Research Center (CEVYZ)

The Centre for Laboratory and Experimental Research (CEVÝZ) ​uses a fully equipped large-scale laboratory for research in management, marketing, economics, psychology and related fields. For interested faculty and university members, and external organizations, the Center provides facilities and services related to the preparation, organization, conduct and evaluation of laboratory and online research. The Centre actively promotes the use of the principles of transparent and open science at the Faculty of Business Administration.

The Centre was established under the auspices of the following departments: management, managerial psychology, entrepreneurship and managerial economics. Currently, the Centre falls under the “Faculty Excellence Teams” and our members, Štěpán Bahník, Petr Houdek, Marek Hudík and Marek Vranka have been working on the project “Dishonest behaviour in organisations”.


  • Design and implementation of field, laboratory and online research for the private and public sector
    • For laboratory and online experiments we use our own experimental design, usually in Python programming language, or open-source programs z-Tree and oTree or commercial Qualtrics
    • We have our own database of participants, for specific participants we also use commercial, public or crowdsourced databases such as Prolific Academic or Amazon Mechanical Turk
    • Field experiments in companies are conducted on the basis of a memorandum of cooperation or an approval by the IRB; we have conducted numerous experiments on unethical behavior, productivity or attention
  • Consultation on scientific research proposals and grant projects
  • Providing facilities and know-how for conducting field, laboratory and online research in the context of faculty members’ research and grant projects
  • Development of international research cooperation
  • Arranging research internships for students of the Prague University of Economics and Business
  • Promoting the credibility of scientific research through adherence to the principles of “open science” and their popularization

Head of Centre

doc. Ing. Petr Houdek, Ph.D.

Partner Institutions

PLESS – Prague Laboratory for Experimental Social Sciences
CEBEX – Center for Behavioral Experiments

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