Our Focus

We do the following:

  • carry out research, advisory, evaluation, expert, educational, information or other activities commissioned either by the government, state administration, local authorities, state institutions or contacted by private and public clients, possibly also by community interest companies etc.;
  • prepare in cooperation with other expert institutions and professional associations a new methodology for the individual steps taken during insolvency proceedings, and moderate the discussion of the interested parties concerning the proposed methodology;
  • participate in online publishing of information concerning insolvency proceedings and other topics of interest of our centre, which might be helpful both for experts and public;
  • write, compile or publish handbooks, textbooks, study materials and other sources helping to increase financial literacy or raise awareness about insolvency processes and other topics of interest of our centre,
  • organize, provide and patronize advisory activities;
  • organize and provide education and training aimed at raising awareness about the insolvency proceedings system and about insolvency issues as a whole; these activities are intended for the companies under insolvency proceedings and other parties involved as well as for the experts and public;
  • provide consultancy and advisory services to state administration bodies, local authorities and other subjects including private companies free of charge, on commercial basis, and under other forms of cooperation;
  • participate as a partner in programs and activities of other subjects whose aims are similar to our activities and do not breach common regulations nor the Faculty’s or University’s regulations.