Basic Information

Basic Information

The Centre for Restructuring and Insolvency of Harry Pollak (CRI) is an advisory, educational and research organization focusing on company crisis, its causes, course, and solutions. As part of our socially responsible project, we take part in the research of personal bankruptcy and help finding ways to resolve it in practice.

CRI was established as a successor to the activities of the Institute of Restructuring and Insolvency and since 2015 it has been a part of the Faculty’s umbrella Institute of Excellence in Management. Following some changes in the university structure, this organization better fits the new division of the Faculty of Business Administration of the University of Economics.

Our Mission

Our primary goal is to endorse the economic understanding of debt, debt collection, insolvency proceedings, and seizure of debtor’s assets. Our key mission is to cultivate the creditor-debtor relationships on both legislative and practical level.

Our Vision

  • provide background information for law making and help to cultivate economic relationships, based on our research of trends and analysis of the insolvency and seizure environment;
  • contribute to the education both on the level of society in terms of personal finance and on the expert level through a system of continual professional training of specialists dealing with specific issues of debt collection;
  • promote a better quality of teaching system on secondary schools and universities;
  • include experiences from practice into lectures and provide suitable results of research to be used in lectures;
  • endorse transparent and effective ways of dealing with a debtor’s bankruptcy or during the process of individual debt collection;
  • become the leader and promoter of fresh thinking about the whole issue concerning the solution of company crisis; ensure that the cooperation between creditors and debtors starts making sense again.

Client Value and Social Responsibility

  • CRI is made up of dedicated professionals who are completely trustworthy, reliable and experienced;
  • we are prepared to take part in solving company crisis by informal restructuring;
  • we are fit ethically and professionally to cooperate in coping with possible problems during insolvency proceedings or asset seizure;
  • we understand our social responsibility as a must to get involved in indebted families’ oppressive situation and help them by providing immediate advice and practical solutions as well as by carrying out our research;

we also understand CRI’s social responsibility as our continuous focusing on the improvement of law making in our country and raising awareness of the issue and its consequences.