Mission Statement

Based on a combination of academic and professional expertise:

  • To provide innovative and avant-garde products and services of the highest quality, thereby, surpassing customer expectations;
  • To remain cognisant of developments within the subject matter from both an educational and practical perspective;
  • To establish valued partnerships with our stakeholders that endure, and
  • To contribute to the extant body of knowledge and Industry trends on an on-going basis.

In today’s globalised environment, culture entails the traditional notions of identity and shared meaning but also comprises the many issues relative to the human condition: gender equality, diversity, and change. Our many programmes are geared to this wider definition of modern culture and consist of four major components:

  • Education and Training;
  • Research;
  • Consultancy
  • Cultural Co-operation, Diversity, and Projects

Education and Training includes both internal and external curricula designed to meet the needs of the post-graduate or business professional. In cooperation with other academic institutions, we seek to establish standards that meet the challenges of the twenty-first century while relegating Cold War developed cultural models to the past.

Research through our relationship with an international body of academics, and management professionals located throughout the globe, we seek to develop and implement new cultural models relative to a multicultural and digital environment. To do so, the Cross-Cultural Management Centre has combined resources with the Centre for Digital Transformation. In doing so, stakeholders benefit from an even wider source of experience and knowledge. As contemporary cultural models date to the 1950s, view culture as a static entity, and promote national stereotypes, the Centre Model promotes a ‘culture on its own’ perspective.

Consultancy using the Centre Model provides gradient levels of consultancy specific to individual or group requirements. Our services comprise a cultural skill inventory and business analysis to properly determine the desired degree of competency.

Cultural Co-operation, Diversity, and Projects includes institutions of higher learning who offer Academic Study Tours to Europe or multinational enterprises interested in locating to the Czech Republic. The programme consists of either a 5, 8, or 10-day seminar sessions and excursions in Czech history, culture, language, and business/industry and is augmented through fieldwork in various cultural, social, and business engagements.

Overview of the centre’s basic information can be downloaded here.

For general enquiries, pricing, and scheduling, please contact the Centre Executive by telephone +420 234 688 159 or e-mail: ccm-c@vse.cz