Round Table 2016

The fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0 (i4.0), involves changes in several aspects of the organisation, economy, and society. The Hannover Fair in 2013 introduced the concept of i4.0.  This has opened new perspectives for industrial organisations but also to other types of enterprise and institutions. However, the focus of many professional assemblies, conferences, and academic manuscripts is related with the technological aspect of the topic. The contemporary body of knowledge lacks a specialisation on issues related with management, economy, and society. Therefore, our i4.0 research investigates the digital transformation of companies, the economy, and society in general.

The round table conducted during the Conference is the result of more than one year of research and comprehension as to the application of this concept in the Czech Republic. Subsequently, representatives of companies that currently develop i4.0 projects and deployments were invited to share their views and opinions during the Round Table session.

The Round Table comprised three main sections. The first segment of questions establishes the relationship of each speaker with the i4.0 concept. The second, includes questions as to the current situation of i4.0 at each organisation. The third collects future perspectives of the speakers in relation with management, economy, and society post-implementation of i4.0.  Each section explores the topic with the aid of the following questions:

  1. Introduction: The introductory section determines the relationship of the speaker with the topic. How did the speaker become involved with i4.0?
  1. Current situation – i4.0 and your company: This section explores the relationship of the company with the topic, how everything started and what has occurred to date?
  1. Future – What does i4.0 bring to you and your company?: Besides the current situation of your company regarding i4.0, we wish to explore your perceptions about the future. How will management, the economy and society be impacted once i4.0 is implemented?


For a deeper narrative as well as to meet the members of the Round Table, please consult the Conference Proceedings.